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the coral reef ecosystem of Redang Island “Eco.. Not Ego”

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Coral farming is the process whereby fragments of corals are collected from local reefs, raised on the nursery table in farm until mature, and then installed at the restoration site. After decades of scientific, small-scale, and community-based projects around the world, this has been shown to be a viable method for restoring degraded reefs.

With the advent of innovative coral farming techniques, now is the time to launch large-scale restoration efforts to revive and protect our world’s valuable and threatened coral reef ecosystems.

To see reef restoration in action, visit us at our first coral farm in Redang Island Marine Park Center

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Regardless of our roles as Conservation Team or Preservation Team, we must come together and unite to restore and preserve the natural ecology of Redang Island, ensuring the sustenance of its environmental, social, and economic vitality.

For those who have enjoyed the benefits of Redang Island be they authorities, industry players, visitors, or community members it’s imperative to recognize that collaborative action is essential. This collective approach forms the cornerstone of our solution, ensuring the feasibility and success of our shared endeavor

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MTGA was founded by local communities driven to solve one of our planet’s greatest challenges: preserving the reefs we love.

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Project Sustainability

Overall, sustainability aims to find a harmonious balance between environmental protection, social well-being, and economic development to ensure that the Redang Island’s natural beauty, resources, and opportunities are preserved for current and future generations.

It’s a holistic approach that considers the interconnectedness of various factors and seeks to avoid actions that could lead to irreversible harm or depletion.

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Scientists project that due to climate change and direct human impacts, over 90% of reefs will be dead by 2050